July 2, 2018

Hi! My name is Harry Ziggy Potter. Yes, I do have a lightning bolt on my forehead. Aka The Zig. Dufus. And Cuddle Bug. I am full Border Collie and do have papers. I am a big boy who loves balls and my duck toy. I will get that duck toy and throw it almost as high as the ceiling. Then I will sometimes catch it but always give it a good shake, them toss it high again.

Ziggy does not like cats. And because he is large, small children are a no go. But he is very sweet, protective, house trained, walks decent on a leash (could use a little more work), gets along with other dogs and loves to go for rides. He is super about his crate. We just leave the door open and he goes in to take a nap all the time. He will kennel up just fine when you leave.

He sleeps at night in our bed room on the floor. Sleeps like a rock actually. Gets up early with my husband, eats and does his deed outside. Then when my husband leaves for work he puts him back in our bedroom and he sleeps like a rock again till I get up. It is really kind of nice.

He is a Velcro dog and will want to be with you but most the time will just lie near you. Except when he thinks he is a lap dog. Trust me, he’s not. He is way too big. But he sure will try if you let him.

We do not have a fenced in yard, so he has been using a 40 foot lead, which he does great on. He has seen deer, squirrel and of course our neighbors farm cat and kittens. Not saying he wouldn’t have liked to chase them but has done really well on the no, stay command.

Over all he is a wonderful companion dog for someone wanting a little work. He would love to have a caring, low vibe home, that will make him part of the family.

He is the Zig!

Harry Ziggy Potter is being fostered in Indiana. For more information about Kora, contact Steve at sdeniston@msn.com