May 2, 2017

Lacey is a six-year old, classic black & white Border Collie, with a smooth coat. You would probably call it short hair. Her owner was an over-the-road truck driver, and Lacey was his traveling companion. When the company changed hands, the new owner did not allow the drivers to bring their pets along with them. The driver’s wife worked long hours and was gone as much as 12 hours at a time, leaving Lacey home alone. Feeling very sorry for her, and sad about this, they made the brave and good-hearted decision that the best thing for Lacey’s happiness would a new home. They contacted our rescue group.

She gets along fine with other dogs, has ignored the cat at the vet clinic, however, we cannot say for certain that she is good with cats. Her previous owners have told us that she does not want to be around small children. Therefore, we do not plan to adopt her to a family with children under the age of 10.

Lacey has been with us for about a month and is ready for adoption. We had to get her vet records current, she was spayed and microchipped.

Poor Lacey had to wear The Cone Of Shame after her spay. This made chewing on a bone very difficult. She could not get her paws around the bone to hold it. Being the clever girl that she is, Lacey hopped up on the couch and wedged her bone between the couch cushions.

Now, don’t let her age fool you. She is a high-energy girl and a total ball nut. Balls! She loves balls. Her favorite toy presently, is a purple, plastic ball about the size of a small bowling ball. It has a small hole in it that she likes to hook with her teeth, runs around with it, and then she shakes the heck out of it before throwing it at you. Most any kind of ball is great!

David, her foster dad says she has lots of personality. She will bring a ball to you, pretend that is going to give it to you—and then doesn’t. She wants you to run around the yard with her, playing Get It If You Can. Ah yes. We know that game and it is exhausting. (Not for the Border Collie, but for the owner). Having had enough of balls for the day, David took all the toys in the house and yard, and put them up, out of reach. Improvising, clever Lacey went into the yard, brought back pinecones, and began throwing them at David.

Are you interested in a Frisbee dog? David says she is also very good at Frisbee.

Lacey is smart, a thinker, and she loves to cuddle. She is curious about everything David does. She follows him about the house, watching everything, following his movements, and when the action stops, she will try to squeeze herself onto the love seat beside him.

Lacey doesn’t appear to have been taught very many commands, or perhaps the standard commands words were different. David has discovered that she does understand “Sit” and “Down.” (Probably “Ball” too).

Lacey is being fostered in Kentucky. For more information about Lacey, contact David at