February 4, 2018

Kora is a 3 year old purebred smooth coat border collie.  She was bred from working lines and has all the energy and herding tendencies to prove it.  Kora wants to herd everything that moves, including other dogs, people, and cars.  Kora needs a securely fenced yard and an owner who understands border collies and their need for both mental and physical exercise.  Kora has been with us for a few months and has learned to settle in the house most of the time, but she still has a restless energy if she doesn’t get enough exercise.

Kora is being clicker trained (positive reinforcement) and responds eagerly to food rewards.  Kora also loves to play fetch and tug with her people so toys can also be used as rewards.  She needs a fur-ever family that will continue training her using positive reinforcement.  Kora loves to please and is highly intelligent.  She gets along well with other dogs, except for her tendency to try to herd them.  This will be an on-going training issue that her new owners will have to work on.  Kora is very, very, very motion sensitive and wants to chase cars so she should always be kept in a fenced area or on leash for her own protection.  We have been working on this, but she will never be 100% trustworthy around moving vehicles.

Kora is a dog that will need a job.  She can only go to an active person, preferably someone looking for a performance or herding dog.  She would make a great agility partner or disc dog.  She has a beautiful and graceful, vertical jump and turns and spins in the air when she leaps.  I know this because she has a bad habit of jumping at the leaves and branches on the trees in the back yard.  She has learned not to do this when she is on leash, but when loose in the back yard it is her favorite game.

Kora isn’t much for snuggling:  she gives and receives affection on her terms.  She leans into you and pushes against you, much like a cat, but if you try to hug her, she will twist and turn until she is free.  She is too busy to be restrained for a hug.

Kora knows how to sit, down and stand with both hand signals and verbal cues.  She is crate trained and goes to her crate enthusiastically.  I have been teaching her to sit next to me in the heel position and to turn left and right, but she isn’t great at these yet.  I have also taught her to put her feet on a foam block and we’ve been working on sit pretty.  She still needs work on walking on a leash and will need to go to a positive reinforcement obedience/manners class to get used to working around other dogs.

If you are looking for a young, high drive dog with boundless energy that will be a performance prospect, Kora could be the dog for you.

Kora is being fostered in Indiana. For more information about Kora, contact LaDonna at ldandtom@mintel.net