May 2019

Cody is a Neutered 4&1/2 y/o BC. He has shot hair and is black and white. He has beautiful expressive light brown eyes, and pointy black ears.

Cody will need to be in a home with a strong dog background. He likes to push  boundaries. He also has a lot of nervous energy and gets overly excited over everything. We have been working on taking a treat “gently” for about 3 months. He’s almost there, but just so excited to get it. Cody is full of energy and does not wear out. He plays well with other dogs, but has some issues with resource guarding.

He came from a small shelter in Ky. I was told that his 1st owner tried to train him to herd with a shock collar. The 2nd owner tried to use him to herd, but anytime he was corrected he would shut down. He has done this here. If i yell at or for my other dog Cody goes right into a down position. He acts like he has been abused. It has taken him along time to trust me.

He has some good training. When I start getting their food ready I say “Where you supposed to be”. He goes right to the backdoor and sits and waits. I didn’t teach him this, he knew it. He also knows “go lay down”. Of course he knows sit, but it’s as close as he can get to you, and not a relaxed sit. Lol.

Cody has been learning his indoor manors. He was housebroke but had to learn shoes, cushions, and glasses are not chew toys. He will counter surf if you leave food out and I need to keep an eye on him. He is crate trained and likes to go in his crate. The last few weeks I have kept him loose in the house while I’m sleeping with out any incident. He would like to sleep with me, but settles for the rug next to the bed.

Cody is a very affectionate boy once he trusts you. He has a lot of energy and will need an active home. He is very good on a leash and loves to go for walks. He is a very athletic, but will need a lot of training and trust to do any dog sport activities. He wants to play with a ball, but he doesn’t understand not to try to grab it out of your hand while you are throwing it.

Cody is being fostered in Kentucky. Questions about Cody? Click here to send an email to his foster dad.